As part of a series of discussion on “Reflecting on HOME” A Community Dialog – Christina Saj will present an illustrated lecture on Contemporary Art in Sacred Spaces. Using ancient iconography as her departure point Saj will explore these influences on tradition and culture and possibilities for sacred space, contemplation and worship. Relying on her background and training in traditional byzantine iconography, she has on numerous occasions created work for liturgical environments. Using formal elements and familiar narratives from ancient works she aims to develop a language of symbols which can resonate with church goers today making the images beautiful, fresh, and full of meaning  yet approachable. Recurring themes are familiar and reinvent characters in new ways to distill them to their essence.

“Reflecting on HOME” A Community Dialog

Dates & Time: Tuesday night: February 28,  from 7 – 8:30pm

Address: Christ Episcopal Church, Bloomfield/Glen Ridge, 74 Park Avenue, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

Telephone: 973-743-5911



Media Contact: Sophia Donarumo, (973) 699-3703